Access Lab Services

$$ Saving "Direct Patient" Lab Service! Now You Can Purchase a Variety of Health Awareness Laboratory Services without a Doctor's Orders. Monitor Your Body as you *diet, exercise, or just to know where your Body's Levels are a without a lot of hassle or a high price! All Tests Done on a Walk-In Basis for Your Convenience!

Sample Tests!

Basic Metabolic Panel $30.00 HIV $40.00
Blood Type/RH $10.00 Hemoglobin A1-C $20.00
CBC w/diff $10.00 Hepatic Function Panel $10.00
Cholesterol/Glucose $20.00 Lipid Panel $10.00
Comp Metabolic Panel $50.00 lo/no Carb Panel $30.00
Electrolyte Panel $10.00 PSA $20.00
Glucose (fasting) $10.00 Rapid Drug Screen $30.00
H & H $10.00 T-4 $10.00
HCG, serum (preg) $20.00 TSH $20.00
HCG urine (preg) $10.00 Venipuncture   $5.00

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* You are strongly encouraged to check with your doctor before starting any exercise or diet plan. Dr. LaFon is available for consultation at any time if you do not have a regular physician.